How Do We Drive Your Sales Forward?

YBSG Sales Coaching Key Business Areas

Sales Strategy & Grassroots Campaign Development

  • Design Target Area for grassroots and market penetration optimization
  • Design and Implement tailored Sales Strategy
  • Develop Target Audience
  • Develop overall goals and process implementation
  • Develop an automated sales process
  • Overall process integration and process improvement
  • Maximize opportunity conversion of the audience to paid clients
  • Overlay business practices with mechanisms that build trust and maximize the customer lifetime value
  • Enhance brand messaging
  • Design a social media online magazine cohesive and consistent with message output with the purpose of selling product benefits
  • Develop a tailored business dialogue model for relationship building with a follow-up plan of action
  • Maximize business relationships to facilitate a win-win growth model
  • Sales call plan of action.  Effective canvassing practices
  • Building interconnecting systems that promote a seamless flow between all business and marketing systems.
  • Set up customer relationship management systems – custom or template partner software
  • Develop brand architecture
  • Develop brand messaging and statement

Business Intelligence & Trend Projections

  • Build a corporate financial model
  • Build three-year trend projections
  • Liaison between internal client and external business partner – CPA
  • Build out corporate sales revenue forecast model
  • Review monthly and quarterly sales growth
  • Determine product leaders
  • Review product leader performance and segmented analytics
  • Develop monthly and annual sales reports; mini-weekly performance reports during engagement sessions
  • Market and business research
  • Develop corporate budget
  • Develop corporate sales goals

Training & Coaching

  • Advanced closing sales training
  • Advanced sales calls/cold-call canvassing training
  • Effective Networking training
  • Brand Architecture Brainstorm


  • Relationship management between internal clients and external marketing & advertising firms
  • Act as a project manager to guide the development and implementation of internal client needs and support efforts of external business partners
  • Manage meetings with external business partners


  • Template website development – template only (custom design outsource to preferred vendors)
  • Online search engine listing development and management
  • Graphics creation
  • Online module development
  • Pitch deck creation and research
  • Marketing plan and marketing budget development
  • Strategic plan development
  • Sales Strategy Plan
  • Online Coaching Software Management

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