Is over-connectivity wreaking havoc on your business & personal life?

In the book “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington, Arianna explores how today’s society should implement a third metric to success that truly creates a life of balance and well-being. She wrote, “Unfortunately the ever-increasing creep of technology into our lives, our families, our bedrooms, our brains makes it much harder to renew ourselves. The average smartphone user checks his or her device every six and a half minutes. That works out to around 150 times a day. Our brains are naturally wired to connect, so it’s not easy to turn away from those kinds of stimuli.”




This week, I challenge you to take an audit of your relationship with technology. During your audit, answer these questions…truthfully:

1. Is your relationship with technology having a positive or negative impact on your life in general?

2. List three ways over-connectivity is wreaking havoc on your life (business & personal).

3. Deep Dive #1…Start strategizing on ways to reduce your technology foot print while maintaining balance. For example, small gestures like disconnecting for a time period. Some decide to turn on their phones’ “do not disturb” from 7 pm until 7 am to maintain balance and reduce their dependence on technology.

4. Deep Dive #2…Truly think on how over dependence on technology is impacting your company’s bottom line. Take this time to identify ways to streamline processes or even automate steps to reduce over-connection in your work place. Even consider revising or creating company policies that are devoted to reducing your company’s after hours foot print.

Through this week’s Think Outside The Box Moment, we hope you have an ah-ha moment that truly stretches the depths of your comfort zone and awakens a renewed thought. Until next time…



Destiny Kingcannon, best known by the inspirational moniker Destiny Inspire: The Empowerment Juggernaut, is an award winning speaker, life coach, author, and CEO of Destiny Inspire LLC. Her movement focuses on empowering, impacting, and inspiring goal-driven women to tap into their purpose, in order to live the life they not only desire to live, but were designed to live.

Destiny has coached dozens of women through her transformational programs, helping them achieve success in every area of their lives. She actively partners with colleges, universities, schools, churches, non profit organizations, and businesses in helping to boost morale while facilitating the process effective change. She helps facilitate the process of growth and change by combining her practical principles with personal experiences which she also includes on her book Discovering Destiny: A 31-Day Guide to Finding Yourself and Fulfilling Your Purpose. 

Destiny has also been recognized in various magazines and articles. Upon her transition to Atlanta, Ga in Jan of 2019, she was named Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Empowerment Expert by Rolling Out Magazine, and was also honored at Atlanta City Hall as one of Atlanta’s ”25 Sisters with Superpowers.”

Her ultimate mission is to empower a generation of women and youth by helping them tap into their power, push push their pain, and bridge the gap from where they are to where they desire to be. She is passionate about transforming lives and therefore lives by the precept, ” If your life is not making a difference, then what is it doing ?”

Destiny Inspire LLC is a brand build on impacting, empowering, and equipping women with the tools needed to live a purpose driven life. Destiny, YBSG Salutes You!

Favorite quote: “Empower, impact, and inspire your world.” -Destiny Inspire

To connect with Destiny…


Instagram: @destiny_inspire

Facebook: @destinyinspire

Twitter: @destinyInspire1

LinkedIn: @destinyinspire



Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. In considering how society evolves, small businesses are the most amenable to external changes and innovation in comparison to large corporations. If open to it, small businesses are able to implement technological advances into their organizations a lot easier than larger corporations. But, studies have shown that small businesses are slow to adopt technology at all or adopt it fully. According to a 2018 survey by AT&T, 30% of small businesses have difficulty adopting technology into their organizations. The survey found several reasons why some small businesses have issues with tech acclimation:

1. “Some Small Businesses have general lack of resources.” 2. “Some Small Businesses have a fear of dependency.”

3. “Some Small Businesses have a general lack of tech awareness.”

4. “General Concerns About Integrating Into Current Processes.”

This week’s action. Think about your company from two perspectives. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the center creating two columns. One side is the “Business Owner Side” while the other is the “Consumer Side.” On the business owner side, write down (3) challenges you’ve encountered with tech acclimation and how you overcame those challenges. On the consumer side, write down (3) benefits of integrating tech. These are benefits to the consumer. Basically, how did your tech solution positively impact your customer’s experience? If you need help with this activity, email us at Until next time!

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