Payscape Partners Webinar Series

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Payscape Partners presents a webinar series designed to empower the small business owner.  This education series will act as a guide for all things FinTech, Sales Strategy, and Cash Flow Management.

Topics to include how to analyze your merchant statements, what to look for when comparing merchant processors, tips for increasing cash flow, and so on.

The series will be hosted by Kaitlyn Camp and Aliyah Baker. Kaitlyn is an Account Executive with Payscape (a FinTech Company headquartered in Atlanta, GA). Aliyah Baker is the Chief Sales Strategist for YBSG Sales Coaching (Sales Strategy and Expansion Coaching firm headquartered in Georgia).

This week we will dive into merchant services rates. Email questions you may have to and we will answer them at the end of the segment.  To register for the webinar (registration required to receive the replay), CLICK HERE.

Aliyah Baker, YBSG Sales Coaching 

Kaitlyn Camp, Payscape

5 Steps to Delight Your eCommerce Customers

By Katherine Sherry 

The force behind lifelong buyers is delighting them. If your business provides a high degree of satisfaction and creates positive emotional reactions, then you can build authentic relationships over time. Concentrate on your shoppers’ needs, interests, and wishes to delight both your potential and existing customers.

The beginning of a successful journey to captivate your shoppers starts with thinking about how you can best provide value to someone so that they can extract value. Customer delight is a core value at We provide SMB’s with the best possible customer service to streamline businesses and provide a monthly income stream from the bank.

Make minor improvements in your retail business to turn your customers into raving fans. Take a look at these principles to develop a culture that places an emphasis on customer delight.

Display transparency

  • Transparency is key. Be open about your business’ goals, operations, and performance. Customers are likely to be loyal to a product that offers complete transparency, and even more loyal to a brand that offers transparency.
  • When you think of delighting customers, giving gifts may first come to mind. Instead, give the gift of availability and honesty with your communications and customer service team. From the moment a prospect turns into a customer, delight them by setting clear expectations.

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Think Outside The Box Moment

Exploring The Three Metrics Of Organization: How Those Metrics Impact A Company’s Bottom Line & Future Expansion Efforts

Written By: Aliyah Baker


Studies have shown the benefits of improving efficiency, saving time, and reducing stress in the workplace.  Companies are looking for ways to reduce costs while promoting healthier and happier company cultures and growth.  As a small business owner with a goal of scaling to a larger company, it’s imperative that your company develop an organized foundation.  According to the Japanese tool 5S as it pertains to lean manufacturing, there are five steps of workplace organization: Clearing, Configuring, Cleaning and Checking, Conformity, and Consensus or Custom & Practice

In this series, we are not going to dabble in the practice of lean manufacturing or go into detail about workplace organization.  We will explore workplace organization as it relates to company growth and expansion.  The three metrics we’ll explore over the next few weeks are People, Company Culture, and Business Practices.  These are also the metrics we explore with coaching clients interested in expansion.

Part I.  The PEOPLE Metric

The habits and activities of business owners and their employees have an impact on productivity and growth.  As we explore workplace organization, truly understanding how the habits of people within a company can positively or negatively affect output will be the goal.  This week, we will explore several areas within the People metric.  Those areas include time management, workplace neatness, and planning self-care.

To optimize growth, business owners and employees will need to develop a favorable relationship with Time Management.  How business owners and their people manage and prioritize essential and non-essential activities is important.  Promoting habits such as employees using scheduling software to manage their day by blocking off essential activities are critical to growth.  For example, Microsoft Outlook mobile apps make it easy for employees to manage their day.  Within one app, they are able to check and respond to priority emails and organize their day within the built-in scheduler.  As a company expands and grows, healthy scheduling and time management activities are essential for preventing burn out and reduction in productivity.  The key is truly exploring ways to optimize output.


As we deep dive into workplace organization, we have to take a look at increasing productivity by managing employee workspaces.  In a recent study published by Forbes, 70% of employers have improved their physical environments to encourage healthy behaviors.  Next week in Part II of the series, we will take a closer look at company cultures.  In saying that, we must at least view workspace neatness and its impact on productivity and growth.  Workspaces that promote proper filing and desk organization for increasing overall productivity and reducing stress will position companies for expansion.  Companies are adopting behaviors that not only permeates workplace organization throughout the company culture, it will also empower employees to organize their own habits.

As we review this final aspect of the People metric, be sure to keep an open mind.  This area lies heavily within the individual employee as an internal behavior.  In saying that, businesses are taking note and more and more of these concepts are now center stage.  A shift has occurred in many large companies.  The idea that healthy and happy employees are an important part of their company’s business strategy and not something that could be ignored.  Empowering employees to manage self-care and balance their lives more favorably is having a tremendous impact on company growth.  Solutions such as the employee organizing their schedule around tasks rather than 9-5 busy work.  Companies should work to communicate to their employees that balance and self-care are essential.  In a recent study, 87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments.  These same studies have found a positive correlation between the incorporation of these concepts and increased productivity.  So, when you think of workplace organization also think about individual/personal organizing as well and its impact on company growth.

As we conclude the deep dive into the first metric, PEOPLE, consider how you’re empowering workplace organization with your employees and yourself. 

This week, explore ways to help employees (including yourself) become more organized to promote growth and influence the bottom line.  


Women Of Impact Series

Women Of Impact Series Presents…Tara Tanksley-Stallings

Tara TanksleyStallings a native of Augusta, Georgia, is the proud mother of two sons. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Professional Counseling. Tara is a  business owner, youth and women’s mentor, facilitator, Certified Christian Life Coach, President of 5 Class Group Inc. ,Founder of The Essence of Lillie Foundation, and author of the books “Ladies” Lets’ Talk. Tara and Let’s Talk Breaking Unwanted Cycles A Guide to Living A More Fulfilled Life currently facilitates Seminars for her local CSRA Head Start Parent Program, facilitates Self-Esteem and Self- Awareness Seminars; Sisters It Time to Heal Groups these seminars offer a true pathway of light into the core of one’s past, present and future hurts, pains, failures or success. Tara has been mentoring women for the past 22 years. She is currently a youth minister and counselor with Restoration Ministries International, working very closely with the youth and women who have experienced traumatic issues. She has experienced many life-changing ordeals throughout her years; changes which caused pain, hurt, shame, rejection, redemption, revelation, but most importantly a real relationship with God.   Her goal is to reveal and destroy the strongholds and mentalities placed on people.  Tara has the desire and passion to reach women young and old encouraging them to become the women God predestined them to be. She is on a constant quest for wisdom and knowledge.  Tara TanksleyStallings is a woman of purpose, power, and destiny.

Tara, YBSG Sales Coaching Salutes You!

Tara’s Favorite Bible Verse: “But Seek ye first the Kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

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Women Of Impact Series

Women Of Impact Series: Presents Camille Peay

Camille Peay has a heart for ministry. It is her passion to assist women in becoming God’s vessels of honor. Camille is the wife of Rev. Dr. Michael Peay, Pastor of Mt. Tabor AME Zion Church in Lancaster, SC. She is the mother of four, grandmother of eleven and greatgrandmother of one. She holds a master’s in Counseling from Webster University and a bachelors in Sociology from Spelman College. Camille is a returned Peace Corps volunteer where shewas assigned as a Health Education and Nutrition volunteer in Liberia, West Africa.

She is a Conference Evangelist in the AME Zion Church, serving in the Pee Dee Conference. Camille is a Chaplain for the Columbia branch of the National Association of University Women. She is the author of the teen short story, Brittani: Acts of Trust and Betrayal. Camille is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate interning at Palmetto Counseling Associates in Columbia, SC. 

Camille, YBSG Sales Coaching Salutes You!


Camilles favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.