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Sophistication Meets Strategy


She has been called the “Gordon Ramsey of Sales Strategy.”  Mostly referring to her no-nonsense approach to helping clients reach their goals.  When asked to help a client implement their vision, she works to do just that!  

Aliyah Baker is the Founder and Chief Sales Strategist for YBSG Sales Coaching.  With over 19 years of sales & sales strategy experience and a peculiar love for numbers, she decided that her skill set would be most helpful outside the corporate hustle and bustle and on Main Street.  Coupled with an affinity for helping female founders implement key strategies to position them to reach their overall goals, the most logical next step post her corporate career was to start a company dedicated to empowering small businesses.  YBSG Sales Coaching was born and the rest is history.  

As a female founder, her job does not end with helping entrepreneurs crush lifetime goals.  She is also a wife and mother of 3.  Her belief…Women Can Have It All.  Also believing in these three essentials: Freedom, Inner Balance, and Self-care.  In saying that, female founders with the goal of having it all should follow this simple philosophy…Do what you do best and hire others to do the rest!  In a climate where only one in five women-owned businesses is hitting the million dollar revenue mark, it was critical to design a firm that would make a difference.  YBSG Sales Coaching is passionate about doing their part.  Our firm helps clients work more strategically to reach their six-figure and/or million-dollar goals while maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.  

Corporate Overview

Today, YBSG Sales Coaching is a seasoned sales strategy firm providing strategic business services and growth plans for small businesses and startups.  We mainly focus on helping fierce five-figure womenpreneurs organize their businesses, study and analyze business intelligence, and implement tailored sales strategies to scale their businesses.  Our proven strategies have helped female founders increase Year-Over-Year sales revenues by 269% in 2018. 

Increasing Sales Revenues Is What We Do!

We are a women-owned firm offering products that facilitate WINNING!  We offer a unique product offering of a group and one-on-one programs.  For Startups and Sales Professionals, we offer a popular group incubator.  Small to Moderate sized businesses that require a more hands-on approach, we offer several programs to promote sales revenue growth.  Many companies hire YBSG Sales Coaching to assist in organizing their businesses to scale.  Our team includes an in-house Data Analyst, Business Development Representatives, Sales Representatives, and Sales Strategists.  All available to help our clients strive for excellence.  

Our system is not a magic pill.  It takes discipline and dedication to implement and execute every step of our system.  Our team is with our clients every step of the way!  Schedule a free 60-minute strategy session to learn more about YBSG Sales Coaching.  

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