Claus·tro·pho·bic In Your Existing Space?

Helping Female Business Owners Re-Imagine Expansion

Have you outgrown your existing space? Successful expansion is in the details.

We get it. Most owners don’t have the TIME to develop the strategy necessary to expand from their current space to a larger space. Because of this, many get stuck in the planning phase.

Here are a few pointers that will help you re-imagine the expansion process:

1. Get your financial house in order. Your business plan, pitch deck, financials, and business credit should all be ready to go at any step in the process. Learn more about business credit from FORA Financial

2. Keep an account of deadlines. Basically, have a detailed timeline. For example, plan out dates for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Know when you should send out an email to existing customers with your new address and other pertinent details. Know when to update your SEO and online listings with the new address. Know when to have your signage and promotional material updated. and so on… (we’re working on a planning resource for you…stay tuned)

3. Get really comfortable with technology and automation. Automating repetitive tasks will not only make you more productive but it will also help ease the stress during expansion. If in front of your POS is a piece of paper asking for emails…it’s time to embrace technology! Streamlining your processes while integrating technology will help propel your business to the next level!

We want to help you re-imagine your business expansion strategy.

Schedule a complimentary “no-pitch” session.

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Overwhelmed female entrepreneurs hire us to get them organized and increase sales revenues with our proven systems, strategies, & support

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