5 Steps to Delight Your eCommerce Customers

By Katherine Sherry 

The force behind lifelong buyers is delighting them. If your business provides a high degree of satisfaction and creates positive emotional reactions, then you can build authentic relationships over time. Concentrate on your shoppers’ needs, interests, and wishes to delight both your potential and existing customers.

The beginning of a successful journey to captivate your shoppers starts with thinking about how you can best provide value to someone so that they can extract value. Customer delight is a core value at Payscape.com. We provide SMB’s with the best possible customer service to streamline businesses and provide a monthly income stream from the bank.

Make minor improvements in your retail business to turn your customers into raving fans. Take a look at these principles to develop a culture that places an emphasis on customer delight.

Display transparency

  • Transparency is key. Be open about your business’ goals, operations, and performance. Customers are likely to be loyal to a product that offers complete transparency, and even more loyal to a brand that offers transparency.
  • When you think of delighting customers, giving gifts may first come to mind. Instead, give the gift of availability and honesty with your communications and customer service team. From the moment a prospect turns into a customer, delight them by setting clear expectations.

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