Just One Slice Of Cake…

As a Sales Strategist, I work from home mostly. Outside the occasional client meeting, I’m usually making things happen from my desk. Just me, laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and our ShihTzu – Ming Ming (She takes about two or three naps a day). Many may feel that working from home is a bonus. They may even refer to it as flexibility. And, I certainly agree. But, there are scenarios that make working from home a challenge. Of course, these only apply…if you’re a mom. Because let’s face it, moms are always on duty.

Now back to the topic, what makes working from home difficult? To make certain I am clear, I made a list of the top challenges of working from home:

First challenge…kids.

Second challenge…kids.

Third challenge…Kids who eat all the food in the house that you like most while thoughtfully leaving you a small sliver to feel better about themselves.

Yeah, these my fellow mompreneurs make it difficult to work from home. I mean by definition a mompreneur that works from home should have a selection of food to choose from in the pantry and the refrigerator. She’s running a business, running a home, raising a family, loving a spouse, while running on fumes and three cups of coffee a day. Geesh. Moms deserve the big slice of pound cake. Not the corner crumb piece that not even Dad wants to eat.

Mompreneurs we have to band together in this fight. Make it known that we will no longer accept the last sliver of leftover food. We deserve at least the big slice before everyone gobbles it all up. #NoMoreSlivers

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s blog post. Tell us about a time you worked long hours just to get home to realize your favorite food is gone. Email win@ybsgcoaching.com #remixedmotherhood

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